Vancouver Island Photo Tours

sea otters, Humpback Whales, Eagles & other wildlife
6-8 hours boat tour - Maximum of 4 guests (5 with children)

Wildlife & Sea Otter Watching Boat Tour in a protected Inlet on the West Coast off northern Vancouver Island, Traditional Territories of the Kwakwaka'wakw People, British Columbia.

Ethics, Experience, knowledge and time is the secret to good wildlife watching – and we have it all!

The Sea Otter West Coast marine-based, Wildlife & Scenery boat tour is focusing on Sea Otters (6-8 hours) leaving from our B&B near Port McNeill on the northern part of Vancouver Island. Limited to a maximum of 4 guests (5 with Children) on board my covered, insured, safe custom built boat. 


This Family & Photo Tour is mostly about the Sea Otters on the West Coast off northern Vancouver Island. We will trailer the boat to a protected inlet where we launch the boat. If sea conditions allow we might even go a little to the outside coast to watch the stunning rough coastline of Vancouver Island.

While my success rate with Sea Otters on the West Coast is 100%, I never guarantee wildlife (who can?). On this tour we often see Bald Eagles and also Humpback Whales, once a while we even see Biggs Orcas (Killer whales). It is the West Coast after all and we just never know what we will be seeing. 

Beautiful scenery is guaranteed and when the sea is calm I do offer to take you out onto the outside part to see the stunning and rough coastline, IF the sea and weather allows us! I realize this is not for everybody and the final decision if we go further is on you if you feel comfortable with it or not.

Important notes:!!! (Please also check my FAQ page)
No wildlife sightings can be guaranteed (expect nothing and be happily surprised). We see Grizzly Bears, Eagles, Seals, Sea Lions on almost every tour, whales on many, Dolphins on some of the tours.

The tour is not recommended for pregnant women or guests with back problems. I never had anyone getting seasick on my boat. I operate only in protected waters, not the open ocean. 

I can’t guarantee you wildlife, but I can guarantee you to do everything in my power to make it the very best day for you possible.

A "typical day" on the Sea Otter wildlife & scenery photo tour:

We will be leaving by truck with the boat in tow and drive over to the West Coast where we launch the boat in a protected inlet. We have several options on where to launch the boat and I will make a short term decision based on weather and wildlife viewings where we go.

Often, we don’t have to drive far on the ocean before seeing the first sea otters, but most of the time, the bigger groups are hanging out a little bit further away in the inlet. We will be mainly looking for bigger rafts of otters and babies. 

Sea Otters are mostly very shy and we will do everything we can NOT to disturb them! Normally they come to us and we have enough time to wait for that!

There is a very good chance to encounter humpback whales and sometimes even killer whales. Bald eagles are almost a given and depending how far we can go out we might see also sea lions and other marine wildlife. 

Coastal Wolves?? While they live along the West Coast and in the area, we just hardly ever see them. We never know what we will see, especially on the West Coast but do not expect to see coastal wolves on this tour!

If the weather, wind and sea conditions allow we will drive out to the outer side and watch the amazing scenery and cliffs and a lighthouse along the rugged coast of Vancouver Island. 

A spectacular wildlife tour with a wonderful host! Highly recommend - do not miss!


A wonderful experience we'll remember for ever!


This was the highlight of our holiday and a day that we'll be talking about for some time!


A spectacular wildlife tour with a wonderful host! Highly recommend - do not miss!